Random Thoughts

Change, some say that it is inevitable. I believe them. Some that I know change when we parted ways. They change their priorities, change their view in their lives. Some of them disassociated them selves from me.

This is something that has been in my blog ever since, to start with, this is the reason why I started this blog thing. I am working hard to achieve this thing.

Success differs from one person to another. Some people view success as simple things in life, having a family, a child, a simple home. But to some people, just like me, Success is far from that. I think big and I know that I am an achiever, It just takes Faith, time and a lot of struggle.

I try to let each day pass by thinking that.... as Bob Marley.... and as I always quote thim.... "everything's gonna be alright"...... I treat it as a challenge that I must be out of the call center business by next year and into the medical field already in California.

During the last few months I cant stop but think of my future......... how can i get to California next year..... what will I do...... what should I do NOW?.,..... a lot of things actually. But, then I realize that I can only do so much right now. So I just divert my energy to my GF so she can benefit from my Positive Vibes about migrating........ I just hope that she is taking this positively and not being pressured by it instead. Well, one thing is for sure. All of the things that I plan will go into place under the Lord's Guidance.

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