The Fire, The Clothes and The Scene

Forest Fire

I Just learned last night, when I was watching CNN that Griffith Park was on fire. The most memmorable park that I have ever been in L.A. But that really doesn't bother me that much. What bothers me is that just a couple of miles away the family (Mancanes Family) that fostered me for a few days when I was in the big city lives.

Griffith Park is such a lovely place, on the way to the top of the mountain you'll be passing by Los Felis, a neighborhood of lovely houses situated at the foot of the mountain. On the top of Griffith Park you'll have the best view in town. You'll see the whole city on a bright and sunny day.

I hope that they could save most of the park just so that I could reminise the first time that I was there.

School Uniform

Yesterday , I attended school for the first time in complete uniform. I got to buy old clothes from my girlfriends co-workers since they just graduated and they won't be using the uniforms anymore. I didn't mind using old uniforms because, anyway, I'm just gonna use it for more or less than 9 months only. I didn't wanna waste that much money so I agreed with Rox that I'll just take the ones that we can from her co workers.

Office Scene

I just received an email from the director of International operations of our company that we will be having dinner with the CEO Mr. Beaver Lopez. I wondered what are the things that we would be discussing about, so I asked my operations manager what could it possibly be. Unfortunately, replied with out any confidence as he utter, "siguro tatanungin kayo kung ano ang mga ginagawa nyo". Well any ways I don't think that its gonna be that toxic during the meeting with Mr. Lopez.

The thing that only concerns me about this meeting is that, I am off from office by 9 AM today then I'll be meeting with Roxanne later by 10:30 AM to get her new phone from SunCellular and pick up her ticket for Saipan in Julia Vargas. Once we're done with all of those things I'll be going straight to my 1 PM MCN class which would last till around 6PM.

Now the dilema is will I absent my self from my Class or should I just not attend the meeting with Mr. Lopez. So what do you think?


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