How About Today?

Have you ever felt alone while youare at a middle of a crowd?

It feels like that today. I guess today is "the bad day part II". I got to school for my grand return demo on nursing skills a bit late but it was okay sinc the panel was taking a break so it was no big deal at all. I did really good with an averaged score of 82.5 across all the panel judges.

Here's where the heart break comes in. The dean spoke with me regarding my grades. I have a subject that is a bit low and another is almost failing and we are just waiting for the the last set of grades to confirm if I am really going to fail.

I was disappointed, frustrated and CRUSHED! this wasn't i was expecting. I have worked so hard to study and I'm getting average grades!? But I will hold on and keep on studying.
I just can't believe it! The same day that I got the news about my grades is the day that I received a text message that one of my agents is going to resign. I value so much that agent because she helps me a lot with the daily tasks and I don't know if I could handle the programs that I have if I don't have her.


I have spent the last two years with this campaign and it has a lot of programs that only I handle. Since I handled this account I had never gotten any rest.
Sometimes all of the programs run at the same time. here's the run down of the programs that I manage

  • AAA
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Sierra Service Stations
  • Pepboys
  • Martindale Hubbelle

and now they are to add another program CS4E! the thing is that it is a sales account, I have never handled a sales account since two years ago! hmmm more that excited I am nervous about this. I am not only expected to multi-task but to stay productive. No Pressure huh!?

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