Two old friends, who meet again!

When was the last time that you met your friends, say from Highschool?

I graduated highschool on 1999 then after that I lost contact with my friends from highschool. So, I had to make a new set of friends this time from college.

I have been in touch with my college friends and actually see them at least once a year or everytime there is an occasion in their town (bulacan). Unlike with my friends from highschool i do not have any news no connection or whatsoever as in zilch, nada zero!

Then one day, was invented...... whoooooaaahhh now i can connect to more friends since they are just a message away. But I guess not for my highschoo friends I can't find most of them on the net. Maybe they have changed their names inot nicknames that are much more cooler huh!

Until I found a classmate on the site. The best part of Friendster is that you can search for more friends on your friends list of friends, its basically a networking site met for that specific purpose..... finding and getting intouch with your friends.

The other day someone viewed my profile and my habit is to check the profiles of those who view me. so I went to this persons profile page and something was really familiar. She (he is a straight gay) is a performer in "The Library" and a bunch of other good bars.

The name on the page was Mavey Cleofas. I remember having a friend named Marvin but not Mavey. So could they be the same person that I am thinking of? To kill the anticipation I sent a message to mavey saying "Mavey? Marvin Cleofas is that you!?" and yes she replied "Yup, Malaki na ba ang pinagbago ng mukha ko? Well yeah her face change a lot because of some plastic surgery I guess, but its okay coz the outcome is really good.

Anyway, she asked if we could go see her on one of her shows, she on the stage at the library every friday. I just hope that I could go and find time to.

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