School Days Are Happy Days

It's June and this is my first post for the month............ hmmmmm.............. why do I keep on saying that every month? lolz..

Well school (regular) is back and the traffic in the metro is back as well and the school rush is hitting on me as well.

Last weekend I went to visit my family in Valenzuela to spend sometime with them. It was nice since that I was able to see most of my relatives (father's side) coz it was my Tita Gigi's birthday so she hosted a lunch party for all of us.

as usual I was busy for church on sundays, I practice the songs that I will be playing for the mass. I went to church about an hour early so I could use a somewhat more decent keyboard since both of my keyboards have busted keys.

later that day I just chilled in our house and watched some TV. After resting for an hour we then went to Fatima Medical Center where my sister is confined. She was suffering from an inflammed kidney thank God she's been discharcged last tuesday.

Monday, woke up really early so that I could still review for my finals that afternoon but then everyone went out early so they had to ask me to bring my 3 year old niece to school, pay the electric bill my self and buy some chicken food.
wheeew!!! it was really tiring the result? I got to school really late! but then everything went fine.

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