Tawiran, Obando, Bulacan

I was bored and my feet are itching to walk and travel. I also just recently got my driver's license so you know the feeling right? I wanted to take photos and take all these restlessness that I was feeling away.

I left home around 4:00 PM and drove for about 30 to 45 minutes north of my house. My destination is a bridge near the Bulacan-Obando border more popularly known as the Tawiran Bridge.

I remember when we were much younger my parents would bring us to that bridge early in the morning to catch some sunshine vitamins.

It has been a long time since I have been there so on a lazy afternoon I decided to visit it again.

I arrived just before sunset I arrived at the bridge. I saw that the DPWH dredging machine was still there to regularly dredge the river which also serves as a gateway to Manila Bay for fishermen.

DPWH Dredging Machine

I spent sometime reminiscing and feeling the strong wind blowing on my face. The air was fresh and there were other people enjoying the same on the bridge.

My bike on the bridge

Gliding on the wind were birds. I don't know what kind of birds they are but I enjoyed watching at them gliding on the strong winds coming from the east.

Birds flying near the beside the bridge.

As soon as the sun started to descend the fishermen parked below the bridge started departing navigating towards the west where the Manila bay is. My dad said that on a clear cloudless day you could even see the Bataan Death March Monument across the horizon. But it was cloudy on that side of the island so I was of no luck.

On the eastern side of the bridge I could see TV Station transmitters from Quezon city. But I was there to see the light show that God prepared for me that day so I focused more on the west side.

Fishermen navigating westward

As much as I would love to stay longer, I couldn't because my bike's headlights are not of top condition so it would be hard for me to drive home if becomes much darker.

While I was driving I couldn't help but notice the beauty of the sky. I sporadically stopped along the way to take some pictures.

Fishpens on both sides of the road - east side

Fishpen - west side

This is the view I saw as I looked at my side mirror.

I got home by past 6:00 PM and was really tired but I couldn't help my self but look at the photos that I have taken.


Chyng said...

this is a challenge.
gusto ko din makpagphotowalk in our area, for a change!

ian said...

hehe.... dito ka pa ba sa atin nakatira? game tapos kain tayo sa bernas.... hehe sama natin si ivan!

Coney said...

thumbs up! :)

Coney said...

thumbs up! :)

ian dela pena said...

thanks comey! =)