Boracay, Aklan November 2009

I have been hearing about Boracay since the late 90's and way back then it was really expensive to get there but as I could see in the pictures of friends and acquaintances that you would not mind about how much you have spent just to get there.

On 2009 I finally got the chance to go to this enchanting island. I planned for me and my friend about two months in advance. I researched a lot before getting anything reserved and made sure that everything that I get was the best deal and here is how our trip costing turned out per head.

Airfare (roundtrip)                               2,600
Transfers (from kalibo)                           850
Hotel (7 days 6 nights)                         2,000
TOTAL BASE COST                             5,450

our plane at NAIA T3

We booked through CebuPacific for our air travel. We chanced upon a seat sale sale but the dilemma is there's only one seat on sale left and there's two of traveling! So I just booked the last seat available and booked another one on a regular fare rate then I just divided the total amount into two to be fair.
view from our coaster on our way to caticlan from kalibo


Our hotel offered airport-jetty port-hotel transfers and since we don't know the place and I don want my companion to get frustrated with getting to the hotel though that could have been a great adventure. Since it costs just 850 round trip for the transfers which is inclusive of everything as in we don't need to shell out anymore cash at all i opted to take the service as well as it sound to be a much cheaper option.

Hotel Accommodation 

After searching for hours on the net I finally settled to take Boracay Courtyard which is La Carmela de Boracay's sister hotel, at that time they had a great promo. How good was the promo? Well since it was off peak season the rates were already low but with the promo I don't think that you would think twice anymore

The regular rate for a standard room costs about 1,000.00 pesos only but with the promo that they had at that time we were able to book six days at the cost of three days only! It was because they have this book two nights get one night free! Hence the total cost of 2,000 pesos per head for seven days six nights when split into two!

La Carmela de Boracay main building
The rate also included free buffet breakfast at La Carmela de Boracay so we spend eating almost half of the day at the buffet. My favorite was the scrambled egg which was overflowing! which also caused me gaining weight! lolz! Because it was a buffet breakfast we usually end up eating until the last serving is given at 11 AM, so we don't need to eat lunch any more and we could spend the whole afternoon exploring the beach.
breakfast all you can! 
We were lucky enough to get the buffet breakfast because although it was a low season there were lots of people checked in at La Carmela because it was during the american Thanks Giving Holiday, if not we were only to get a plated dish.

our view while eating breakfast

Things we did in the Island

Beach bumming and Coffee.

Me and my companion are certified beach bums... hehehe... so we spent most of our time soaking under the sun during the day.

We are also coffee addicts so it was great to know the island has a Starbucks... =) we were so into having coffee that we searched for it the night we arrived in the island. unfortunately we were so tired that we gave up half way. Tired, we decided to go back to our hotel room and rest

The following day we made it a point to search for our place in the island... the coffee shop. After several minutes of walking we found the coffee shop! Happiness!

we spent more than half of our day playing tongits in the cafe. I think that is what's good when you are in a very long vacation since you don't have to worry about doing everything at a very short period of time.
enjoying the fine sand of boracay

My friend has been to the island before and I was the virgin... hehe... but since I was the one who is good in bargain hunting I was the one who planned the trip. But one good thing about having someone with you who has been to the place during your trip is that they could share the things that they enjoyed a lot during their stay there.

One thing that they enjoyed was the faous Choriburger! now you might be asking WTF is a Choriburger? Well a choriburger is a burger who's patty has been substituted with a chorizo.... we searched and searched for the choriburger throughout white beach. We were almost giving up again but then a certain smell passed through my nose... I followed it... (hahaha sounded like a dog there) and found it and I can't believe that we didn't see it the first time we passed by that area it was just near our hotel room. You should try it and judge it for your self.


After eating at La Carmela on thing that we love is sipping a fresh fruit shake while soaking under the sun on the beach. My friend also brought me to this famous place for shakes where they put the shakes on recycled plastic bottles. But in general I love the fact that you can buy fruit shakes almost anywhere we go.

Friday's Boracay

We have been meaning to go to Friday's Boracay ever since we got to the island but will power was an issue since all we wanted to do was lay on the beach. But on our last night on the beach we finally decided to go to the other side of the beach and eat our dinner at Friday's.

We walked back to the road at the back of white beach and rode a tricycle to Friday's. The tricycle took us inside the compound. Friday's Boracay is right just beside Discovery Shores, we walked downhill and into the white sand beach of station 1.

The sand on station 1 was the purest that you could see on the island but there was something else that stole my attention and scene stealer! But if you come to think about it who can resist the beauty of a setting sun?

This is the sunset that I was able to catch right in time at Friday's Boracay. Pardon the low quality of videos and pictures since I wasn't able to bring a good camera that time. Also I lost many of my pictures because my external hard drive got corrupted T_T
                                                                                             Island Hopping
Manny pacquiao's resthouse on the side of the island
 (as per manong bankero)
This manong who has been following and bugging us about island hopping and snorkeling for a few days already. We asked other people about island hopping and found that he actually has the lowest rate of all of them. we got to island hop for just 1500.00 which includes the snorkeling equipment. The only thing excluded for the fee was the environmental fee that you pay when you snorkel. The person who collects the fee will get to your outrigger once you are at the location. I was actually surprise to find the man collecting the fee and started to wonder where did he came from or was with us since we left the beach and                         just didn't notice him? 

One of the caves at Crystal Cave Island

It was a Sunday and I was at no bargain mode when it comes to going to church, besides the church in the island it self is a tourist attraction. It has this beautiful mosaic on its facade that has this tropical feel.

 Boracay Island Church Facade

Holy Water holders


This was at Hey Jude Bar this is the where my friend introduced me to this addictive game.


more of fuseball!!!!
Sand Castles

I recently read on an article that sandcastles may not be seen that often or not at all anymore. The article said that the local government will be implementing the law to prevent the landscape from further changing. They will only allow sandcastles to be built on the beach for special occasions or for promotional purposes only. And they have to apply for a permit for that.... imagine you need a permit to build a sand castle? weird. But don't worry about your children building sandcastles because tourists aren't included in the law unless you intend to make some money out of your castle.
glad I have a picture of me on a sand castle
One thing that you should not forget to do is to walk from station 1 to stations three! plus it would guarantee you to see all of the attractions on the beach like fire dancers, bands, parties! We walked all the way from station 1 to our hotel after we ate dinner at Friday's

My walk along the beach during day light

bought a bag made of net at this store which i use every time
i go swim at rizal memorial. they also sell flipflops

Dinner at Red Coconut

Chose to have dinner here because of the live band that they had which we really enjoyed. 

Anyways the trip was awesome like I mentioned we spent most of our time lying on the sand worshiping the sun during the day and watching the stars at night. I think that its a good time to visit the island during Thanks Giving as we experienced the not so crowded island yet get to see it as alive as it could be.

HAHA! sand got into my eyes on this picture! and I was also squinting because the sun was so bright!

I really had a lot of fun at the island. I sure hope that I could go back there but I have another island in mind for my next island trip..... carabao island! yay! but that's for another blog dear friends.... =)

BTW.... when we were going home, we almost missed our flight because of the huge korean crowd that was blocking the airport entrance. we were almost hopeless to get in. good thing we approached the security personnel.  what an adventure!

Going home =(


Pinoy Adventurista said...

I haven't been to Boracay... gugustuhin ko din kaya'ng hindi umuwi pag pumunta ako dyan? Hehehe!!!

ian said...

hehehe... nako naghanap talaga ako ng pwede kong pagapplyan dun... kaso sa manila tlga ang mga applyan... fell in love with the island tlaga.. haha

Chyng said...

when i was young (2007), i purchased a P5000 Boracay package too. kala ko tipid na yun. hehe

you didnt include your meals + activities sa expenses mo :P

Chyng said...

when i was young (2007), i purchased a P5000 Boracay package too. kala ko tipid na yun. hehe

you didnt include your meals + activities sa expenses mo :P

Pinoy Adventurista said...

I haven't been to Boracay... gugustuhin ko din kaya'ng hindi umuwi pag pumunta ako dyan? Hehehe!!!