Corregidor: Reliving the battles fought.

Cradle of Noble Heroes as what this land is known for. A land that has fought so many battles to satisfy its thirst for freedom.

During the World War II one of the most significant battles were fought on a small island guarding the mouth of Manila bay called the island of Corregidor.

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About 48 kilometers (29.82 miles) from Manila this tadpole shaped island is accessible through a 1 hour and 45 minutes ferry ride from the Cultural Center of the Philippines via Sun Cruise

View of Manila from afar on board the MV Sun Cruiser 

Our Fast Craft MV SUn Cruiser II Approching the island
Upon reaching Corregidor Port we were taken by a tram around the island. The tram buses really were charming as it is open air that would let you enjoy the breeze from the sea.
View on top of a hill on board the tram
The island served as the headquarters of the Alliance and the Philippine Commonwealth Government during World War II. It was also divided into four divisions the topside, middle side, bottom side and tail side.

Building for Filipino Generals
Although the Americans and Filipinos fought side by side during the war Filipino and American Generals and Soldiers had separate barracks.

After the war there was not a single tree to be found in the island. The military was able to count that the island endured 16,000 bombing from the Japanese during the war until they lost count as the bombing continued.

The island was then reforested, using a helicopter the government spread Ipil seeds. Over the years other trees were added giving visitors of today cool tree shades that makes the island conducive to walking.
Pathway to one of the batteries

Our first stop was Battery Way. there are about four canyons in this battery. They were used to bomb airplanes and ships that attempts to enter Manila by the bay.

Battery Way Canyons

The author on one of the canyons

Battery Way

One of the shelters being explored by ivanlakwatsero
Canyon Coil Springs
Monuments are also to be found in the island commemorating the soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom

Standing on the highest part of Corregidor's Topside is the Pacific War Memorial, which was built by the United States Government to honor the Filipino and American soldiers who participated in World War II. It was completed in 1968 at the cost of three million dollars. The major memorial structure is a rotunda with a circular altar directly under the dome's oculusthrough which light falls on the altar during daylight hours. Located behind the Memorial is the Eternal Flame of Freedom, a 40 feet (12 m) Corten steel structure commissioned toAristides Demetrios symbolizing freedom.[5] (information from wikipedia)

At the far end of the Pacific War Memorial stands the Eternal Flame Monument. The monument overlooks the rest of the island and the Manila Bay

Eternal Flame Monument
A Spanish Lighthouse can also be found in Corregidor. It was used to guide the ships coming in the Manila Bay. The lighthouse is still used up to this day.
Spanish Light House

building ruins
After the tour we ate our lunch at the Corregidor Inn, the Island's only hotel. Lunch was served buffet style and the would not disappoint you. I specially like the carbonara as it brought me to butter haven.  

Plateful of carbs =) @ Corregidor Inn 

It was specially nice to eat at the veranda of the hotel restaurant while the cool breeze blows at you while looking at the serene ocean.
View of Manila Bay from the restaurant veranda

By 2pm our ship back to Manila arrived. I was full of inspiration and was really proud about our history. We were able to explore and learn the stories behind the ruins of the structures in the island, learn about the hardships that they had to go through in the tunnels to shield them from the bombs and fight the Japanese invaders.

As a Filipino I feel that every one should be able to visit this island and learn about how our brothers both Filipino and Americans have given up their lives and pay them due respects.

Experience Corregidor and travel back in time through Sun Cruise's package tours. I love the fact that you actually don't need to bring that much, just your self and maybe a bottle of water or snack which in case you forget you can still buy in the fast craft that would take you to the Island. To simply put Sun Cruises would take care of you once you step on board the craft till you get back in Manila.

Overnight Packages are also available plus an optional Malinta Tunnel tour for just an additional 150 pesos. That I will definitely try when I go back to the Island.

For more information you can contact Sun Cruises which is located at the Manila Bay

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Aleah said...

Love the pics, Ian. I hope there will be a next time, a walking tour where we can take our time taking pictures and enjoying the views. We were too much in a hurry in the Adventure Challenge :)

chinchan said...

it was such a great experience .... I had a great time with smart bloggers =) see you around

chinchan said...

it was such a great experience .... I had a great time with smart bloggers =) see you around

ian said...

@Aleah - oo nga para makapag concentrate naman tayo sa picture picture! hehehe.

@Chinchan - indeed such a wonderful experience specially that I had a chance to see you guys...

IamDP said...

@Aleah - oo nga para makapag concentrate naman tayo sa picture picture! hehehe.

@Chinchan - indeed such a wonderful experience specially that I had a chance to see you guys...