Laguna Church Series: San Juan Bautista Church

The Neglected Church: San Juan Bautista Church

While most of the old Churches would boast about how old their structures are, this particular church though its age shows its antiquity cannot do the same. No one knows when the church was really built as most of the documents and things in the church were lost.

For over 40 years the church was taken for granted when the parish was transfered to another location. During that time no one took care of the structure and unfortunately the church had to be retrofitted with a new roof because of the damages it sustained from natural calamities, and due to the construction the important parts of the church had to be torn down as well.
Bas relief of saint john baptizing Christ 

The patron saint of the parish atop the entrance arch

View of the bell tower from what is left of a convent

Still there are treasures to be found inside the church. slowly they are rebuilding the parish bit by bit, one parishioner at a time.I particularly love this church because it is one of the few churches that faces the Laguna lake. I pray that this beautiful parish recovers and bring back the people back to this church.

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Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Cheers to conservation!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

great advocacy! i'm also in support of the preservation of old churches... =D

lakwatsera de primera said...

Looking forward to more of your Laguna Church Series. We had a tour around the churches in Laguna back in college and my favorite were the ones at Paete and Pakil.

AJ said...

Hello, "travel blogger" and "photographer"! :)) Hey, you do deserve to be a photog. Ganda kaya ng mga pix mo!

This is also one of my favorite churches in Laguna. It's neglected, but I guess that adds to its charm. :)

Nicely said...

Hong gondo ng church!

Aleah said...

Beautiful pics, Ian. Wish I could have gone there instead of in Pinatubo!

Chyng said...

i like the last photo. good framing adds drama =)

ian said...

@pinay travel junkie & Pinoy Adventurista - Amen to conservation!

@lakwatsera de primera - Salamat I agree they are my favorites too =)

@AJ - thanks so much!

@Nicely - hahaha hongondo tologo... =D

@Aleah - this was on holy thursday we went to laguna after infanta quezon... ung taal na miss mo.. but they'll have a repeat of the event on june... you should visit taal... its better than vigan for me...

@chyng - salamat po ng marami =)