Updates Part II

Ha Ha! It seems that its getting more difficult to find time to bl0g now-a-days. Well here's Updates Part II for all of you guys.

This half of the month I got diagnose with vertigo and migraine. The doctor says that its because of stress. you can read all about it below.

I also decided to bring back the old layout of my blog since I figured out how Multiply could work for my advantage already and I dont have to get tired of programing my page to put my photos in the page.

In the office? It has been really tiring as well. The pressure to meet targets are really high and every one is really stressed out.

At school, we are almost done with our 2nd trimester. We only have several subjects left then its sem break already. on our third and final trimester, we will be heading to the hospital for our Clinical Experience. We will be putting all the theories that we have learned into action.

Hope that I could blog some more and share more things to you guys. I also hope that you could visit my multiply site which is iandelapena.multiply.com

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