Gosh! It has been a while since I last logged in to my blogspot account coz

#1 We just transferred to our new site which is in Meralco
#2 because the IT guys in the Meralco site took all of the internet connections out from even us supervisors

Anyway it has been really feels nice to be at home. here in my home.... blogspot. I feel more comfortable blogging with this machine with reasons I dont know. may be because it is easier to blog in here, okay may i'l just put it that way.

Going back to the move to meralco it has been really nice since we are far away from all of the stress that the streets of ortigas gives us. The bad thing is that there are no convenience store that we could buy stuff in cases of emergency.

But the best thing that I got as a benefit from this site is that I cant buy any "yosi" any where.

there's a lot of stuff going on in my life. I'll try to post something may be before the week ends.

Wait before i forget. I really wanna post this thing. I just watched Sharon (a tv show here in the philippines) talking about being positive and how it would help you achieve your dreams. the guest in that show said we should write about the things that we want to achieve and mention it everyday and it will come true. I hope that I am following the things that they said on that show by keeping this blog. I know that I will get to be where I wanna be.

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