Rice Again

About two days ago, I decided not to eat rice again.........

I started not eating rice last year, on the second sunday of January. I felt so fat at that time and was already not feeling good (Medically speaking). I was dizzy a lot of time and back pain was there more often.

After a couple of weeks in the diet, I started feeling better, the backpains that I was complaining about is gone and I ironically I felt more energized.

But then came a point that I missed my good old friend (hehehehehe syempre yung kanin!) so on the 3rd week of July I started eating rice again. It felt really good to eat rice again, so good that it almost felt like a comfort food.... hahahahaha!

Anyways, aside from quiting from eating rice again I am also into quitting smoking. My gosh! am turning to be this boring person that I am imagining? But then again I would rather turn into a boring person than to live with COPD.
Anyways, the point is I am trying to be live a more healthier lifestyle. I hope that I could do it so that I can have a better feel of my self...... I think you could say to gain more confidence.

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