May Liwanag Ang Buhay........... Meralco Site

Finally! We have transferred to our new home! The BSC Building inside the Meralco Compound. It has a few disadvantages. One, is that we have to walk from the gate to the building by 12 AM because the security people wont allow cabs to come in. Another is that there’s just us who stays in there meaning no neighbors at night.

But there’s a lot of good things here in our Meralco site as well. I have to mention that food here is very good. When we were still in Robinsons Equitable Tower, I can bare not to eat because the food is really awful, but in here you just cant help but eat a lot, well you can see it on by body built! Lolz.

So far we are a very happy family here…… well except for the fact that we are experiencing a lot of downtimes, everything is considered okay.

I hope that we continue to be happy.


Anonymous said...

just m\want to ask if what company are you working for?and where was your previous site.
thank you!

Aubrey (",)

ian said...

Thank you for dropping a line here in my blog.

I work for PacificHub Corporation, Our Meralco site was a new site but we didn't leave the previous one. It still remains the Main HQ of our center.

I appreciate your feedback.


hot men of asia said...

i miss this place!!