They Way We Do Christmas

We as Filipinos are full of traditions and the Christmas season is not an exception.

Aside from going to church at Christmas eve, on the day it self our family go to our elders and pay our respects. Often times we end up eating at each and every house.

A few of our elders have passed already and a new generation has also been born this year that is why I call my generation in our family as the bridge. We are the ones who are responsible for keeping the family traditions that we have alive.

I am not really close to my cousins just like they are to each other but I don't think that I am estranged to them either. We talk from time to time if there are anything that we could talk about, I just don't like small talks maybe its just my personality but yeah I do love my family.

These kind of seasons may be some of the times that I get to bond  talk with them and I do appreciate these moments. So thank you Christmas for bringing my family closer together.