Christenings and Simbang Gabis

Today was quite a busy day for me. I had two things to do that requires me of dressing up and go outside of my house I know my life has not been that exciting these past few weeks.

But for today I've got lots of stuff to do. My dad woke me up early 10 AM -hey that's early for me I sleep around 4am to 5am.

First thing for today is my niece's christening at our local parish church. Yep I'm one of the god fathers but all I can give right now are my prayers! hahaha!

 The entire ceremony lasted for just about 45 minutes and we were done. Of course a Filipino celebration wont be complete without any food so off we go to Max's SM City Marilao for lunch and boy it was a feast!

Food was overflowing and yes it was yummy! We had sinigang, kare kare, crispy pata and fried chicken to name a few. 

And so with the end of the feast I declare that the celebration is a success!

At home I took a nap, well I have slept for just about six hours last night so I'm napping. 

By eight in the evening my dad, who serves as a lay minister and I drove our motor bike to the church. 

They say that if you complete the novena mass called Misa de Gallo you may wish and it would be granted. I really haven't completed the whole nine days of the novena mass until now. So what do I wish for then? Well there are just a few things in my life that I wish and that I pray every night. One is to keep my family -my mom, dad, sister, brother, niece, nephew and my daughter safe from any harm and be blessed with healthy bodies and long lives. My second wish I'll just keep it to my self for now but of course I'll share it with you guys as soon as it happens. 

I believe that even without the novena mass my prayers would be answered. In God's time.