The Year That Was - 2012

This year is about to end in a couple days so I think it is just appropriate for me to go down memory lane and look at the year that was.

Yes this is actually something new for this blog, imagine six years of blogging and this is the first time maybe because  I never really thought that anybody reads my blog before as I kept it more of a personal journal. Though the blog still remains the same purpose the difference now is that I think about the people who reads them hence, my improvement in writing albeit the grammatical errors from time to time.

Last year I have written 62 articles in this blog and this year? This would be the 48th article fewer than last year, true but only for this blog. You see last year when I met the people who makes up the community of Filipino travel blogger which caused my writing to explode to more articles and new blogs.

I love my PTB Family a lot of them inspire me so much that I found different lifestyle options for me which are still being decided up to this very moment.

Because of this blog I have around 6 blogs that I write on (ir)regularly. hahaha but they do get updated at least once a week.

This year I've also experienced earning a bit to pay for the expenses of my blogs that are self hosted. Yep some of the blogs that I have are self hosted.

I also got to win and received some gifts for my flickr account where I store that photos that I put in my posts. I actually won a year's worth of flickr pro so I didn't have to pay for the 24 dollar renewal then just before Christmas Flickr gave away three months free pro accounts. So I got my one year renewal extended to three more months, in effect I would have to renew my Flickr pro account as late as 2014! =D

My luck was actually on a roll for this year. Winning twice on a raffle draw in a single year for somebody who has not won any draws in his entire life is something big!  Aside from winning a year of Flickr Pro Account I also won two servings of Jumba Juice Gift Certificates. I know this ain't much for a lot of people but for me this is something big because like I said I never won anything in life ever before!

I am also happy and thankful for the year that was because I was able to bring my dad to Cebu and have him ride the airplane for the first time. My dad doesn't really like traveling specially by land as he gets dizzy but this year I was able to kidnap him. He didn't knew that I bought us tickets to Cebu, he only found out that he's to fly on the day of his birthday, the day that we are flying it self.

Despite the bad experience with work this year (thank God it just lasted for a few months) I am still thankful for this because not a lot of people get good jobs although still I am praying that I get to have a job and a career in something that I do love doing.

I guess those are the highlights of my year though I really didn't get really detailed, it says how good God has been to me and will always be.

Happy New Year! Xin nian Kuai Le, Manigong Bagong Taon, Feliz Ano Nuevo!

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