Of Writing and Photographs

I am getting more time into blogging and I am getting the feel of having blogging as a job rather than a hobby. But just to clarify I ain't really making that much blogging.

It is a difficult job specially for somebody like me who has an attention span of a five year old toddler. I need a break like every ten minutes of writing maybe suddenly listen to music at the middle of writing an article, some say that it is how creative people work but I don't think that I am creative enough. Well yeah at least I consider my self as creative but I still think that I have got a lot to improve.

Let me lay my cards on the table, I am not a college graduate and I worked in the BPO industry for about 10 years and I guess that is where I got my communication skills honed to how it is today. But still I am not satisfied with my composition skills.

I started feeling this way since I started following this food blog of a culinary student. He hails from Zamboanga but lives in Pasig City. I like the way he writes his stories as he seems to personally communicate with his readers.

His choices of words are ordinary (though you'd need your friend google from time to time) but seem to run deep with a soul. He writes beautifully.

As I read through his food blog it made me wish that I could go back to college and finish a degree and may be really learn about writing.

Well I am still alive I guess I could still go back ey? any sponsors out there? hahaha.