Miss Universe 2012

Last Thursday the world witnessed as a new Miss Universe has been crowned in the casino capital of the world Las Vegas. A total of more than 80 candidates from around the world competed for the title but in the end of course only one went home with the crown, Miss USA the new Miss Universe 2012.

Along with the crowning of the new queen are some intrigues among the spectators who thinks that Miss Philippines should have won the crown instead of Miss USA, stating that Janine of the Philippines gave a much more convincing reply to the judge's question. 

Among the contestants who made it to the Top 5 along Miss USA and Philippines are Misses Brazil, Australia and Venezuela. 

waiting for who's going to be crowned.

I like the idea that Janine veered away from the traditional Filipiniana costume and opted to showcase the traditions of the southern Philippines. 

Anyways, the decision has been made and a new queen has been crowned. But what is much more trending on the social media sites is Ms. Venezuela's answer.

Even though that she is allowed to speak in her native language she still tried to answer in English which for me because a disaster!

May be if Ms. Philippines only answered ahead of Ms. Venezuela she could have thought twice and answered in Spanish instead.

Well still Congratulations to Ms. Philippines, just the fact that she emerged from a total of 89 candidates is a feat already.

With that let me leave you with a funny parody of the event's question and answer portion.